Portray The Fancy Fairmont Resort: A Watercolor Constructing Tutorial

Discover ways to flip a elaborate resort right into a watercolor constructing portray! Artist William “Invoice” Dunn reveals easy methods to paint all these difficult constructing angles, and then provides some colourful flags to make the portray pop. Wish to watch the video model? The total tutorial is out there to members of our Watercolor University.

Supplies Used In This Watercolor Class:

  • Reference image of the Fairmont Resort in San Francisco, California (click on here for Invoice’s image)
  • A block of Fabriano tough watercolor paper (140lb, dimension 12″ x 18″)
  • Pentel Graphgear 1000 computerized drafting pencil, 0.7mm lead dimension with HB lead
  • ½” Artist’s or masking tape
  • Portray palette for watercolor paints
  • Auxiliary plate or palette for gouache paint
  • A container of water
  • Paper towels or a rag
  • A tabletop easel or a field to prop your portray on
  • A twig bottle with clear water

Paints (Holbein Artist’s Watercolors)

  • Cadmium Lemon Yellow
  • Sensible Orange
  • Pyrrole Pink
  • Everlasting Alizarin Crimson
  • Cobalt Violet Gentle
  • Mineral Violet
  • Leaf Inexperienced
  • Olive Inexperienced
  • Cobalt Inexperienced
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Cobalt Blue Hue
  • Indigo
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Impartial Tint
  • Ivory Black

Daniel Smith’s Additional Nice Watercolors

  • Chromium Inexperienced Oxide
  • Carbazole Violet

Holbein Artists’ Gouache


  • Escoda Perla Joseph Zbukvic Sequence: Spherical brush (no. 8)
  • Escoda Perla Joseph Zbukvic Sequence: Spherical brush (no. 12)
  • Escoda Perla Joseph Zbukvic Sequence: Spherical brush (no. 20)
  • Neef Rigger Supreme Taklon Sequence: Lengthy deal with rigger brush (no. 8)
  • Neef Rigger Supreme Taklon Sequence: Lengthy deal with rigger brush (no. 10)
  • Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Brush Sequence 111: Spherical brush (no. 2)
  • Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Brush Sequence 333: Rigger brush (no. 1)
  • Winsor & Newton’s Sequence 7 Kolinsky Sable: Spherical brush (no. 4)
  • Raphaël Softacryl Blended Media Flat Brush Sequence 280: Flat brush (20mm, or ¾”)

Step 1: Sketching A Fancy Resort With Flags


On this tutorial, we’ll be portray the Fairmont Resort and the beautiful row of flags mounted alongside its balcony. Whereas the resort kinds the inspiration of this watercolor constructing portray, the focus ought to nonetheless be the flags because of their colourful nature.

After analyzing the reference picture, spray your paints with water to assist soften them and make them simpler to use in a while. You may as well arrange your instruments like Invoice does to make them extra accessible in the course of the portray section.

To prep your portray block, tape the perimeters with artist’s tape. Then, tape off the underside at about 15″ so that you get a 10″ x 15″ body, which makes it simpler for future framing functions. You’ll wish to prop your portray at a 10º angle as nicely, in order that gravity may help you get extra even washes.

When sketching, ensure that to not divide the portray in half, with the intention to get a greater composition. This implies inserting the flags above the midway level. To assist together with your proportions and perspective, mark off the main factors of the resort, then join them earlier than becoming the whole lot else between these factors. Ensure that to comply with the foundations of perspective!

Take your time to get the appropriate measurements, however don’t fear about getting a photorealistic drawing. You simply wish to lay down some free pointers on your portray course of later. Additionally, attempt to not erase something, as this may increasingly harm the floor of your paper. Embrace as many particulars as you want, and enlarge and exaggerate the flags for a extra dramatic portray.

Beneath is a close-up of Invoice’s sketch:


Step 2: Planning And Portray With The “Moist-In-Moist” Method


Earlier than portray, you possibly can plan out a few of your colours, and tweak the composition till it’s to your liking. Keep in mind that as with every portray, you’re making an attempt to inform a narrative utilizing line and color! This can assist with deciding the elements you’d like to emphasise, and easy methods to emphasize them.

Because the “story” right here is in regards to the vibrant flags, Invoice decides to reserve the brightest colours for them, whereas the remainder of the portray will largely be in grey. Beginning with the lightest values (i.e. mild vs darkish tones), use the no. 20 round brush to moist the constructing areas. Permit the water to soak in a bit earlier than dropping in a diluted combination of Impartial Tint and a contact of Cobalt Blue Hue. That is the “wet-in-wet” method, which can assist create mushy blends. Keep away from the flags for now, and give attention to build up the values wanted within the resort space.

Add some Yellow Ochre and extra Impartial Tint to your grey combine, then paint the constructing to the appropriate with this heat grey. You’ll be able to drop Yellow Ochre immediately onto the paper for a stronger colour. Subsequent, drop Chromium Inexperienced Oxide for the garden within the backside left nook and within the floor below the limousine.

Step 3: Elevating Flags With The “Moist-On-Dry” Technique


Change to a no. 10 rigger brush, then decide up some saturated Pyrrole Pink. Paint the primary flag on the left utilizing the “wet-on-dry” method, which is including moist paint to a dry floor. This offers you the onerous edges you want for extra outlined shapes of colour. Combine in Cobalt Violet Gentle with the pink for the rightmost flag, then swap to Cobalt Blue for the second flag to the left. Watch out to not contact the moist paint, as you don’t need the colours to bleed. Use Lemon Yellow for the final one, and fluctuate the form of every flag to seize the method they transfer.

You’ll be able to drop in the identical yellow to the pink flag for a brighter colour, utilizing the wet-in-wet methodology to combine the colours on paper. While you’re performed, depart the entire watercolor constructing to dry.

Step 4: Constructing Layers Of Shadows And Values


Combine Impartial Tint with a contact of Pyrrole Pink, and add to all of the shadowed sides of the resort constructing. Paint any patterns within the pillars and columns, together with the main points alongside the partitions and ledges. Then, add a contact extra Impartial Tint earlier than portray the archway that leads into the resort, avoiding the highlights and other people.

Combine extra Impartial Tint and Cobalt Blue, and darken the sample on the pillars much more. Add extra architectural details as nicely, similar to portray some home windows within the high half of the resort. Whereas the paint continues to be moist, you possibly can swap between dropping Cobalt Violet Gentle, Pyrrole Pink, or Cobalt Blue to tint the home windows and archway with a distinct tone.

On this method, construct up your darkish values, utilizing the reference picture to assist. The additional colours additionally make for a extra attention-grabbing portray.

Step 5: A Gold Trim And Impressionistic Particulars


With Yellow Ochre, paint the gold trimming alongside the highest of the resort and the beam just below the flags. With the Impartial Tint combine, paint the sting of the identical beam, and add extra architectural particulars to the highest half of the resort.

Whereas portray, be happy to simplify the main points, and paint loosely for a extra “impressionistic” look. You’ll be able to all the time are available in later with a darker, extra detailed layer for additional contrast.

Step 6: Portray Architectural Options For A Watercolor Constructing


Darken the leftmost pillar with extra Impartial Tint, ignoring the tree that covers that space. Combine in Mineral Violet, then add a layer to the archway earlier than deepening the shadows and lines in the identical space.

Combine Olive Inexperienced with a contact of Mineral and Carbazole Violet, and drop into the purple-tinted shadows wet-in-wet. The paint will combine on paper, producing a softer transition in colour. You may as well contact in some Burnt Sienna to warm up the tone. With this burgundy combination, paint the railings alongside the balcony as nicely, and add extra particulars alongside the underside of the buildings.

Step 7: Being Daring And Constructing Mid-Tones


Dilute some Yellow Ochre, and paint the mid-tones for the left wall of the resort. Be daring together with your brushstrokes and colours right here, as this can assist make your portray look extra dramatic!

Add Cobalt Blue to your mild brown combine, then paint some architectural lines to the neighboring watercolor constructing whereas holding to the foundations of perspective. With this grayish-blue, darken the shadowed edges as nicely, and add a light wash over the gold trimmings wet-on-dry to tone down that space.

Step 8: Adjusting Values To Make A Portray Pop


All through this entire course of, keep in mind that value is all the time extra necessary than color, though colour makes the portray extra attention-grabbing. With that in thoughts, combine Impartial Tint and Yellow Ochre, then paint the street and pavement space whereas avoiding the vehicles.

With diluted Impartial Tint, paint the left facet of the pillars for extra shadows, and to construct up another shadows the place wanted to get the appropriate values. Add some columns within the high half of the resort as nicely.

Step 9: Including A Fancy Entrance


For the resort’s awning, swap to the no. 12 round brush, mixing Impartial Tint and Viridian and portray it wet-on-dry. Go away the white stripes, however paint over the lettering, as you should use white paint to color it in later.

Paint the limo subsequent, utilizing a no. Eight rigger brush and Impartial Tint to color the physique of the automobile. Keep away from the highlights, headlights, home windows, and wheels, and attempt to seize the impression of a shiny, metallic floor. Paint the motive force standing in entrance as nicely. For the automobile behind the limo, use a lighter Pyrrole Pink for variation.

Return to the no. 12 spherical brush, then use Ivory Black so as to add an additional punch to the darkest of shadows in your watercolor constructing.

Step 10: Spicing Up The Flags


It’s time to improve the flags! To take action, use a flat brush, and blend Sensible Orange with a bit Pyrrole for the pink flag. Subsequent, layer extra Everlasting Alizarin Crimson for the rightmost flag, then add extra Lemon Yellow for the yellow flag. Paint a Cobalt Inexperienced stripe for the blue flag, utilizing the sting of the comb to get a thinner line. Combine Mineral and Carbazole Violet subsequent for some stripes alongside the now orange flag, then use pure Cobalt Violet Gentle to color a brand new flag to the left.

For a stronger protection, use the no. 12 spherical brush and saturated Lemon Yellow to go over the yellow flag once more. After that, swap to Cobalt Blue so as to add a design to the purple flag, then Ivory Black for a design on the blue flag. These additional layers will assist brighten the tones within the flag, which in flip will carry them to the forefront of your watercolor constructing.

Step 11: Portray Foliage


With extra Ivory Black, paint extra home windows alongside the neighboring watercolor constructing, then combine Cobalt and Leaf Inexperienced to color the resort’s garden and the bush within the backside proper nook. Whereas the foliage continues to be moist, drop in Lemon Yellow to get some highlights.

Combine Olive Inexperienced, Viridian, and Indigo, then paint a tall bush behind the awning. If wanted, use the identical colour to tone down the garden, then use Ivory Black to layer stronger shadows in your watercolor constructing. If paint begins pooling in your paper, you possibly can lift it out by way of soaking it up with a “thirsty brush“. Paint the interior shadows of the home windows as nicely, and add extra particulars alongside the highest of the resort. Hold adjusting the saturation of your paint to match the value of no matter you’re portray!

Step 12: Tidying Up The Automobiles


Subsequent, combine Impartial Tint and Ivory Black to color the shadows in the limo, and use a extra saturated Pyrrole Pink for the shadows within the pink automobile. For the automobile behind, change to the no. 8 round brush, then combine Cerulean Blue together with your inexperienced combination for a turquoise automobile physique. When you watch for this to dry, use pure Ivory Black to color the wheels, the reflective home windows, and the solid shadows below all three automobiles. Watch out to not contact any of the moist paint!

Change to a combination of Ivory Black and Olive Inexperienced, and darken the foliage areas. Dot in some Lemon Yellow for some flowers beneath the rightmost bush for additional element as nicely.

Step 13: Lettering And Filling In The Gaps


To carry again the lettering on the awning, squeeze out some Everlasting White gouache paint onto one other plate or palette. With a no. 2 round brush, write “Fairmont” on the awning’s facet and entrance by way of the wet-on-dry method. Discover any edges which have been misplaced among the many totally different greens as nicely utilizing this opaque paint.

With the white, add different highlights as nicely, similar to headlights and on automobile roofs, and to color the reflective shine within the home windows. At any level, it’s also possible to use the suitable colours to fill in any empty gaps in your portray. Subsequent, change to Ivory Black, and paint the shadows contained in the automobiles and on the limo driver.

Change to a no. Four spherical brush, then paint across the tiny folks utilizing the identical black. For a fast pores and skin tone, dilute some Yellow Ochre. You’ll be able to paint their garments in any colour you need, however watch out to not contact the encircling moist paint, or the colours will bleed into one another. Attempt to not make their garments too darkish both, else they gained’t stand out towards the background.

Fill in additional gaps within the foliage to the appropriate, then paint the pavement beneath with a diluted black. Paint the street between the vehicles, and add street markings in a darker grey tone.

Step 14: Ending Touches For A Watercolor Constructing And Flags


With a no. 10 rigger brush, dilute a combination of Impartial Tint and Ivory Black to color extra architectural details alongside the highest of the resort. Add home windows to the rightmost watercolor constructing, then swap to a no. 8 rigger brush and darken your combination. Add lampposts alongside the road degree utilizing the wet-on-dry methodology, utilizing the reference photo to assist. Don’t go too overboard with these particulars although! The main focus ought to nonetheless be on the colourful flags.

Paint the flag particulars subsequent, utilizing the identical white gouache paint from earlier than. Add some white stripes for the pink flag, and highlights and different designs for the remaining. Change to Ivory Black to color the flagpoles, angling them in a different way in order that they don’t look too common. Then, return to the no. 10 rigger brush to color one final flag on the very proper utilizing Sensible Orange.

Step 15: Tying Up Unfastened Ends And Finalizing Particulars


That will help you tie up any free ends, step again to see your total portray. If there’s something that wants including or fixing, go forward and achieve this, utilizing your creative instincts and creativity to assist. Like Invoice, you should use extra Ivory Black so as to add extra particulars, and even paint the small patch of sky by way of the wet-in-wet method. Don’t make it too colourful although, and depart some white areas for clouds.

After the final flag you painted is dry, you possibly can swap to a no. 8 round brush, then add a design on it in Ivory Black. For the yellow flag, use the purple combination for a greater distinction. On this method, make all of the flags as attention-grabbing as potential with out overdoing them.

While you’re performed, signal your portray with a no. 1 rigger brush and saturated Pyrrole Pink paint earlier than leaving the entire portray to dry. You’ll be able to then fastidiously take off the tape on the perimeters to disclose a clear white border, framing your watercolor constructing in an expert method. That’s it for this tutorial! We’ll see you once more within the subsequent one quickly.

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