How To Paint An Extremely-Real looking Pair of Human Lips

Be taught to color a pair of luscious lips as demonstrated by Kelly Eddington. Thanks Kelly for the useful tutorial!

Supplies Used:

  • HB pencil
  • Kneaded eraser
  • A sheet of Arches chilly press 140lb watercolor paper (7″ x 5″)
  • Kraft paper tape (width 1″)
  • Portray palette for watercolor paints
  • A container of water
  • Paper towel
  • Masking fluid
  • Masonite board (at the least 8″ x 6″) (non-compulsory)
  • Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in Wealthy and Rosy (non-compulsory)


  • Outdated Holland Traditional Watercolors: Cadmium Purple Gentle
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Cadmium Yellow Further Deep
  • Parisian (Prussian) Blue Further
  • Dioxazine Mauve
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Holbein Artist Supplies Watercolors: Opera
  • Da Vinci Artists’ Watercolors: Iridescent Napthol Purple (non-compulsory)


  • Sax: Copper acrylic picket deal with flat brush (measurement 10)
  • Royal: Tender grip golden taklon oval wash brush
  • Loew Cornell American Painter (4000 Sequence): Brief deal with spherical brush (measurement 6)
  • Loew Cornell American Painter (4000 Sequence): Brief deal with spherical brush (measurement 2)

Step 1: Prepping And Sketching


On the sheet of Arches 7″ x 5″ watercolor paper, frivolously sketch a pair of lips and a few enamel. It may be an image of your individual or another person’s, and if you’d like, you possibly can placed on the lipstick earlier than taking an image (or simply use the colour for reference later). Whenever you’re completed, tape it to the Masonite board with the masking tape. In case you don’t have a picket board, you possibly can tape the paper to a tough floor which you don’t thoughts getting paint on. Then, block within the white highlights on the lips with masking fluid. Let the fluid dry utterly earlier than continuing.

Step 2: Portray The First Layer Of Pores and skin Utilizing The Moist-In-Moist Approach


Prep your paints: get a lightweight orange by mixing Cadmium Purple Gentle and Yellow Medium, and have the yellow and a few Dioxazine Mauve to combine in later. Moist the encircling pores and skin space with clear water and the flat brush (measurement 10), then utilizing the wet-on-wet technique, paint in a wash utilizing the orange combine so it seems as a lightweight peach. Go away the proper aspect of the mouth white for distinction, and the center “valley” the place the philtrum is (i.e. the realm between the lips and the nostril). Darken the shadows progressively by including a contact of Dioxazine Mauve and Cadmium Yellow Medium, switching to the dimensions 6 round brush when portray the ridges beneath the place the nostril ought to be.

Step 3: Portray The Enamel


Combine quite a lot of water with the Parisian Blue, then paint the enamel with the wet-on-wet technique. Go away just a little white for highlights, however for the reason that lips are solely barely parted, a lot of the enamel ought to be in shadow. Drop just a little Alizarin Crimson and Dioxazine Mauve within the darkest areas, because the solid shadow on the enamel (from the lips) will replicate just a little of the lips’s shade.

Step 4: Full Purple Lips


When the pores and skin space is partially dry, moist the lips with clear water. Then, combine in Opera and extra Cadmium Purple Gentle to the earlier orange combination used for the pores and skin, and use the colour to color the lips, ranging from the darker left aspect and leaving the lightest areas for final. You may add Cadmium Yellow Further Deep for a extra orange tint. Whenever you’re completed, do a second layer of paint on high to accentuate the colors and shadows. Combine in much less water along with your paint so the colour is extra saturated.

Step 5: Including The Shadows


Set up the left aspect because the shadowed aspect by including Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Purple Gentle. The lip space ought to nonetheless be wet, which can make your strains fuzzy, however proceed to comply with the strains and curves on the lips. Soften the sting across the lips with clear water and the dimensions 2 spherical brush, then with the identical brush, combine Dioxazine Mauve and Cadmium Yellow Further deep for a darkish brown to color the within and corners of the mouth, across the enamel, and the road the place each lips are touching.

Step 6: Defining Wrinkle Traces


Because the paper dries, you can begin defining wrinkle strains and shadows utilizing the dimensions 2 spherical brush. Alternate between Opera, Cadmium Purple Gentle, Cadmium Yellow Further Deep, and Alizarin Crimson to color the wrinkles, particularly on the decrease lip. The strains ought to comply with the curve of the lips so as to add quantity (consider them as parentheses; the opening one on the left aspect and the closing one on the proper). Keep away from making all of the wrinkles the identical; paint some longer strains, some shorter strains, and use completely different colours whereas working from darkish to mild. The highest lip must also be darker than the underside lip, as a result of mild hits the underside lip first because it stands out extra. Darken all of the shadows till you’re glad with the distinction and depth of the portray.

Step 7: Growing The Distinction And Including Ending Touches


With the Royal oval wash brush, add extra shadows beneath the lips and to the left aspect by mixing just a little Burnt Sienna to the pores and skin shade, then erase the masking fluid earlier than softening the perimeters across the white areas with a clear moist brush. For the ultimate contact, paint a layer of Iridescent Napthol Purple over the lips whereas avoiding the white highlights. This layer will not be needed, but it surely helps add a shiny end to your portray. Step again to test the general look of your portray, and whenever you’re pleased with the ultimate end result, gently take away the masking tape and let your portray dry.

Right here’s the full video by Kelly Eddington:

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